Monday, January 10, 2011

Love Vs. Fear

I think it's about time to write some more. I've been on hiatus, mostly because I've been busy, but I just wasn't sure what exactly to write about. But recent events have transpired in which I've done a bit of thinking which is what always leads me here to blogspot. Now this blog is going to possibly be mushy and gross and full of love, and I apologize for it. But it's whats at the heart of a lot of issues I think.

One thing I've noticed throughout Christianity and in a good bit of Christians is a lack of love. Not necessarily just love but unconditional love, you know... the kind the Christian God is supposed to show. A lot of Christians have been coming to me telling me that anything they say that may sound judgmental or condemning is only out of love. But I have a hard time believing that. For one, if you unconditionally love someone, you don't do things that will obviously hurt them and permanently scar them. Obviously it's ok to point out when someone is doing something wrong, but to drill something into someones head that it is wrong and not ok isn't alright.

I personally believe that the reason why so many Christians lack this unconditional love is because they fear what is underlying the issue. Many of the people I speak with seem to have a problem with homosexuality, because it's very clearly pointed out in the bible to be a sin. But I think people are so afraid of sin that they forget that this "sin" that I was born with is also a part of me, and so when you condemn the sin and strike down how horrible the sin is, you are also doing the same to me personally. And it hurts. The fear of sin is the leading cause of hate caused towards people of the LGBT community. Fear produces anger and hatred, and while you may think you are just telling me how you feel about the sin, what you are really telling me is that you also hate me personally. You can argue against this notion all you want, but you can't seperate me from my orientation and as such it's striking me personally when you attack my orientation.

I have to ask though, why are you so afraid of sin? You believe in Jesus, yes? You believe Jesus died for your sins and that you will be forgiven if you live a life where you try to be sin free, yes? Then why are you so afraid of sin? Where is your faith in what you believe? I honestly have to ask why you would be afraid of sin, when you know that in the end if you live your life right you will be ok in the afterlife? So rather than be afraid of homosexuality stop focusing on the orientation itself. You need to learn to love unconditionally. Look past the sin. Love the person, don't hate the sin. Don't even acknowledge to the person that he/she is sinning. If they are a christian, they've read the bible or at least know what's going on in it. If they are sinning, they already know it. It's probably already killing them inside and it's probably already a struggle. Don't be another struggle for them by condemning them. Just love them. Be their rock. Their anchor. Be the person they can talk to and cry and let it all out to. THAT is what it means to be "Christ - Like" if you ask me.

I realize that to some people the bible says you need to acknowledge the sin. You need to inform people. People are already informed, we hear about it all the time. We know it. So don't come to me and condemn me and make me cry and feel uncomfortable when I already know everything you are already saying, it's pointless. We'll talk in circles. Just treat me the way I treat you, with love. Love EVERYONE unconditionally, and forgive people who live in sin. If you treat me with love, and can look past that sin. That's when you will impact my life. If you come at me and attack me, I will remove myself from the situation. Don't do the judging. That's Gods job. Not yours. Don't play God, I'm pretty sure he doesn't appreciate that.

It's come to my attention lately though that there ARE Christians out there who are.... you know... decent. The kind who CAN actually look past it and treat you with love. And some of these people are actually starting a movement for love. That's something I can agree with, especially in this day and age. Being a support group. Doing nice things just to be nice with no alternative motives. Being that moment in some strangers day that keeps them smiling. That's what more people should be doing. Kudos to the people involved with that.

I hope a good bit of people read this, and I hope a good bit of people reflect on how they live their lives. It's not my place to sit here and say you are living it wrong. Live it however the hell you want to, but just remember if you live it in love that you'll get further and you'll be happier more permanently. There's nothing more amazing than the power of friendship and love. So learn to cherish those things, rather than take them for granted.

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